3 easy steps to get your health rebate from VisionDirect

3 easy steps to get your health rebate from VisionDirect-Buy Cheap Best  Sunglasses Online Sale Shopping Store AustraliaNot many people are aware of health rebates and discount offers that come with prescription eyeglasses. However, health rebates are enabling private health insurance to be more affordable. In Australia, the federal government provides many citizens with an Australian Government Rebate (AGR) on private health insurance. The government made a system to offer a rebate adjustment factor that is added to the member’s premium, which is determined by their age and income.

With VisionDirect, the global online eyewear retailer, a health fund member can easily apply for a health rebate after shopping from VisionDirect’s website. A member can claim the rebate and get his/her money back as per rules set by the federal government of Australia on private health insurance.

VisionDirect sets up collaboration with major private health insurance firms for delivering health rebate

To make things easier for customers and people living under the low-income tier, VisionDirect has proactively come with easy solutions to offer health rebates in 3 simple steps. The company has set up a collaboration with leading health insurance agencies to offer optimum and affordable medical and eye care solutions. However, the company is not providing any rebate for progressive lenses and lenses with a sphere (SPH) value higher than +/- 3.00.

Some of the major collaborators of VisionDirect in offering health rebates include health insurance giants like BUPA, MediBank, HCF, NIB First Choice, WestFund, GU Health, CBHS, HBF, Australian Unity, etc. With a wide range of options in prescription glasses, one can easily apply for the health rebate after checking out or shopping from the online store of VisionDirect.

The firm has also established itself physically in Melbourne, where more information can be obtained regarding health rebate and its application process.

3 easy steps to get a rebate from VisionDirect while buying eyeglasses in 2020-2021

The rebate adjustment factor is determined and set annually by the federal government from April 1st. Hence, the rebates may change accordingly to those adjustments. Although it must be brought to your notice that Medicare insurance doesn’t cover the costs of everything, you might need to be as healthy as possible but in the case of eyewear and eyeglasses, customers can easily apply for the health rebates.

  1. Make sure you are eligible to receive the optical health rebate. The amount of rebate, time period, and expiration date may vary with each health fund provider’s policy and laws. Before shopping with VisionDirect, make sure you are the valid receiver of health rebates by determining the right income tier, age and marital status.
  2. Start shopping with VisionDirect and get the invoice. The invoice can either be printed or downloaded in a digital format for future references as well. 
  3. If you are eligible to receive an optical health rebate, then you can send the printed invoice to your health fund provider and wait for their response.

What are the payment options available with VisionDirect while purchasing eyeglasses online?

As of 2020, VisionDirect accepts all major credit cards and debit cards namely MasterCard, JCB, VisaCard, American Express, etc. Customers can also use PayPal on the VisionDirect website to pay for their eyeglasses online. A certified reseller of RayBan glasses, VisionDirect has also achieved the highest standards in business in regards to returns policy and warranty. With a 100-days return policy and a 24-months warranty, VisionDirect is becoming a leader in the online eyewear solutions and industry. More information can be seen on their returns policy and warranty page

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