6 Ways to Prevent a Break-in

Home burglaries are unfortunately becoming increasingly common across Australia, but it still tends to be something that we think, “just won’t happen to me”. However, if you take the time to assess your property for weaknesses, it is possible to make it far less likely for your home to be targeted by a thief. Effective security features don’t have to blow your budget or ruin the aesthetic look of your home. We’ve investigated the top six ways to ensure your home isn’t targeted by a thief.

Did you know that Australia has the 7th highest rate of burglary in the world? This shocking statistic reflects that 4.3% of Australian households experienced at least one break-in, or attempted break-in, during the year prior to June 2021. Burglaries are happening across Australia and households can’t afford to be complacent about it. Take the time to assess your home for weakness, particularly consider the front of your home and any side or rear access points. Here are our top tips to avoid being your home being broken into.

Don’t provide cover for thieves

Breaking into a house is preferable for thieves if they can do it quickly and quietly without being seen. If your entranceway is well lit and visible from the street it will deter thieves from targeting your house as they will have to operate while risking being seen. Prune or cut back any shrubbery, bushes or trees that obscure your entranceway to ensure a thief will have nothing to hide behind. Lighting, especially sensor lighting, can also be a great and inexpensive way to deter thieves. It is also recommended to make sure that your house number is clearly visible from the street to enable emergency services to quickly identify your home in the event of an emergency.

Security doors

Burglars hate security doors! This is because security doors have been designed and tested to withstand break-in attempts. The best way to defend your property against thieves is to install a quality security door. Studies have shown that in around one-third of robberies, the burglar enters through the front door, so having a security door will remove this option for an opportunistic thief and deter them from targeting your home. If you’re considering buying a security door, go with a reputable seller and ensure your door has been made in compliance with Australian Standards guidelines. Check out the extensive range at Melbourne Security Doors to learn more.

Locked windows, doors and garage

Don’t get cavalier about home security! Always lock your doors, windows and don’t forget about your garage or any side access points that are easily overlooked. Thieves tend to be opportunistic, so even if you’re only going out for a short period of time, ensure your home is properly locked up.

Don’t tempt thieves by making it obvious that you’re not home, especially if you’re going on holiday

Always try to have a plan in place for when you go on holiday. Make sure someone collects your mail and, if possible, puts your bins out. Ensure your front garden looks well-kept and that any security devices have fresh batteries or are charged and functioning. If a neighbour is willing to park in your driveway this is also a useful tip to make it look like you’re at home. I also advise you if you are looking for property conveyancing Queensland feel free to contact us.

 Get to know your neighbours

Neighbours are a great home security resource. Get to know your neighbours and, if you trust them, give them your phone number so that they can report suspicious activity at your home when you’re away.

Be careful with your keys

It’s amazing how many people hide their keys in really obvious locations. Don’t put your keys under the doormat or under a flowerpot on your front porch! Thieves know about these hiding spots and will take advantage of a lazily hidden spare key. Another security measure to take with keys is to ensure your address is not part of your key chain.

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